Terms & Conditions

NCL values your privacy and does its best to protect it. That is why we have created this page with all the terms and conditions about our business and our website.

The terms and conditions that are mentioned below will be deemed to have been read and accepted by our clients and visitors of our website.

  1. The term NCL is referred to our company Nichol Commercial Licensing
  2. The term User or Visitor is referred to the person who is using our website
  3. The term site or website is referred to NCL’s official website which is www.nclnet.ca
  4. By using our website, visitors, users and clients agree that they have read our terms and conditions and are bound to follow them.
  5. The entire content on NCL’s website is proprietary. Including our logos, pictures, text, videos and animations. Any content from our site cannot be used without our permission. Please contact us if you need to use our work from our website.
  6. Although we pay close attention to errors and bugs on our website, we are not liable for any damage to your computer, cell phone, hardware, software or any data caused by our website.
  7. Our website might have links to external websites, since we have no control on other websites, we are not liable for anything on those websites.
  8. Any change or addition in our terms and conditions are posted on this page. NCL is not liable to inform clients about any change on our terms and conditions.