Privacy Policy

Honesty and integrity are core principals of Nichol Commercial Licensing (NCL). Our customers privacy is utmost important to us. The purpose of this page is to inform our website users and customers about our privacy policy. NCL might collect information when you visit its website. This is ONLY to improve our website and provide you with a better service. The information we may collect could be your country, state or city. Or number of times users are visiting our website. We might use tools such as Google analytics to track this and the only purpose for this is to maintain our website efficiently. The information we collect or see is not shared with any third party.

Information Collection: 

  • The contact us page on our website is for users to contact us. When you contact us, we get the information you have proactively provided to us. The only information we get that you haven’t provided using that form is the date and time the message was sent, the city, state and country (through IP) this message was sent from.
  • NCL’s telephone numbers are listed on its website. Our users can contact us anytime. The only information we might save is the number you are calling from and the name (if it is displaying in the caller ID). We might store this information to return calls to our customers. 


Website Security:

The information we collect through our websites are stored in secure databases. Our goal is to keep your information safe and private, only accessible to NCL. Our website is safe and has no virus. We keep it up to date to make sure it is safe and secure. There might be links on our website that could lead to another website, NCL is not liable for anything those external websites have as NCL has no control on them at all.  

Change in Policy:

In order to make sure we are providing best services to our clients, we might change our privacy policy to improve it. When there is any change, it is displayed on this privacy policy page right away. We do not send any sort of updates or notifications to anyone about change in privacy policy change.