Your Vehicle Licensing,
Safety and Compliance Specialists
To be that ‘Personal Assistant’, the one that just gets things done! We achieve this by providing professional & prompt management of all vehicle & driver related matters. This leaves our clients free to focus entirely on their other business requirements.
To provide our clients with managed services to ensure their efficient and safe operation of commercial vehicles. Consulting with companies in regards to registration matters and compliance with regulatory standards, striving to perform at their industry’s highest level for the Safety of employees and the general public.

Who we are

Nichol Commercial Licensing (NCL) is a transportation consulting firm that provides vehicle licensing services across Canada and the U.S. as well as assists clients in achieving and/or maintaining compliance with the National Safety Code and U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.


On an as needed or ongoing basis, the well established and stable NCL Team can be relied upon to help you efficiently and effectively manage your fleet across one, many or all jurisdictions in Canada and the United States.


NCL guarantees the confidentiality of all materials provided to and retained at NCL.


The NCL Team delivers professional and personalized services.

As your One-Stop-Shop the NCL Team minimizes your expenses by performing safety and compliance audits, ensuring all appropriate tax credits are taken advantage of, being prompt and efficient in licensing to get your vehicles on the road when they should be, educating your drivers and more. (NCL has saved companies as much as $90,000 in a single day!)


NCL's established relationships with key members of all Registry and Regulatory Offices ensures prompt and efficient service. Learn more here